The best restaurants to eat a lot but pay little!

Os melhores restaurantes para comer muito e pagar pouco

If you are visiting the Portuguese capital you can’t loose the chance to taste the local gastronomy. There’s nothing better than eating well at an affordable price! To make it easier to find good places for a meal we suggest these amazing 5 restaurants.

O Caçador

This restaurant, in Cruz Quebrada (close to Belém) serves typical Portuguese meals. Known by its generous doses, O Caçador is specialized in groper, codfish, rabbit or lingueirão (a shellfish) rices.

Besides the fixed menu there is always a dish of day – always traditional food made by tradicional cooks.

Tip: if you like spicy food the homemade spicy seasoning is really really hot!

Location: Rua Bento de Jesus Caraça 10A, 1495-686 Cruz Quebrada

Arroz de lingueirão

Adega da Tia Matilde

Since 1926 this restaurant is known for the quality standard, served in big individual doses.

Its traditional menu includes a divine Portuguese Stew (Cozido à Portuguesa), Hunter’s Rabbit (Coelho à Caçador) or Cod ‘pataniscas’ (fried cod), between others.

There’s also a private car park, if you are driving.

Location: Rua da Beneficência 77, 1600-018 Lisboa

Pataniscas de bacalhau

Zé da Mouraria

Although the name means Mouraria’s Joseph, there’s no Joseph at this restaurant. Its owner is called Virgílio, born in the north of Portugal, who opened this restaurant 17 years ago.

The specialty is baked Codfish (Bacalhau assado), which is known internationally. You should also try the garlic beef steaks and also the cuttlefish.

This is the right place to lunch on weekends!

Location: Rua João do Outeiro 24, Lisboa

Bacalhau assado

Empanaderia El Pibe

This restaurant is king in terms of empanadas, which filling you can choose between veal or pork curry, mushrooms, leek, ginger, spinach or a traditional chorizo called farinheira (trust us, try this one).

As for dessert, don’t loose the chance of tasting the famous cookies with mil sweet.

The menu is very cheap and you won’t leave with an empty stomach!

Location: Travessa de Santa Marta 4, 1150-300 Lisboa

Das Flores

At Das Flores you will enjoy the famous thick codfish pasty, croquettes, alheira (bread and game meat sausage) with french fries, liver, homemade soups and, for dessert, the amazing almond tart.

The food is really so god that you will want to taste everything!

Location: Rua das Flores 76, 1200 Lisboa

Iscas de fígado