The 5 best and most beautiful cafés in Lisbon

Os 5 melhores e mais bonitos cafés de Lisboa

Lisbon has a lot of stylish coffee shops, a lot, and some are so old you wouldn’t believe. Loose yourself in the city and enjoy some of the most iconic cafés it has to offer:

28 Café

28 Café is not a common coffee shop, its a real size replica of the famous Nº28 Tram – an iconic symbol of the city.

Everything was recreated to scale and with an incredible perfection, and it even has Tram memorabilia as decoration.

They also serve quick meals as their famous burgers!

Location: Rua de Santa Cruz do Castelo 45, 1100-129 Lisboa


Considered one of the most pretty coffee shop in Lisbon, its located in an old store room with stone walls and arched ceilings.

The old-fashioned decor is made up of old sewing machines serving as tables, antique sofas and  radios accompanied by silent movie stars photographs.

Location: Calçada Nova de São Francisco, Nº 14, 1200-300 Lisboa

Site Fábulas

Pastelaria São Roque

This Pastry shop although small has a fabulous decoration. You may not notice it while passing by in the street but its really worth going in!

Its vaulted ceiling with gilded details and its majestic marble columns delights the clients, a must-see.

Location: Rua Dom Pedro V 57, 1250-083 Lisboa

Site Pastelaria São Roque

Pastelaria São Roque

Confeitaria Nacional

The Confeitaria Nacional is a cultural and artistic reference of the city. It was founded in 1829 and after 6 generations continues to belong to the founding family.

The majority of its recipes, full of tradition and history, have more than 180 years!

Location: Praça da Figueira 18B, 1100-241 Lisboa

Site Confeitaria Nacional

A Brasileira

One of the most photographed statues in the country is seated down in this coffee shop esplanade. This is the statue of Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon’s most famous poet, which was a frequent customer of this coffee shop in the early XX century.

Back then, A Brasileira was known for its various literary, artistic and intellectual tertulias.

The interior of this famous café transports us to the Belle Époque with its elaborate woods, mirrors and modernist paintings.

With the important role it had in the cultural life of the country, A Brasileira do Chiado maintains its very own identity, due to the specificity of its decoration as well as by the symbology that it represents for being linked to artists, writers and intellectuals.

Location: Rua Garret, 120-122, Largo do Chiado, 1200-273 Lisboa