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1. Storing My Bags

How the service works:

  • Simply come along to our Luggage Store (Located at Rua Benformoso nº 268) during our business hours of 10.00 am - 08.00 pm daily.
  • You will fill in a short form and each customer's bag will be locked and monitored 24 hours a day.
  • You may collect or store your luggage after business hours by calling our staff for an appointment at 913217620 / 218063510.
  • Our luggage storage is 100% safe and secure, monitored by 24/7 video surveillance, 365 days a year, and equipped with an alarm system connected to the police.

2. Pick Up & Drop Luggage was born as a specific transport luggage service for Lisbon’s tourists, but today it is a national transport luggage service and offers the advantages of a safe and relaxed holiday without the "weight" of your luggage.

Key points of are:

  • EASY:you can book this transport luggage service online, by sending an e-mail or on Facebook and Twitter. Many options for many kinds of clients.
  • FAST: upon receipt of the reservation request, one of our operators will take over the practice and will personally evade it in the shortest possible time.
  • SECURITY: for the security of your luggage we have created a security seal. Each item of luggage is also insured with our insurance company partner.
  • COMFORT: our job is to give you a holiday without the "weight" of your luggage.

3. Bike Rentals

Rent a bike with us and enjoy the amazing city of Lisbon. For a short time, full day or even for the duration of your stay, choose the best rate for you.

4. Transfers & Taxis

You can also schedule transfers, tours and taxi services to enjoy the best way the city of Lisbon and its surrounding areas, such as Cascais, Sintra and so many others.

5. Boarding Pass Printing

All your boarding passes easy as a click! Print your boarding passes and travel information free of charge!

6. Free Internet Access & Cable TV

Relax, sit down, have a coffee… enjoy our free WIFI service and cable TV. Take a while to recharge your batteries, organize your day.

7. Drinks & Snacks

We have selected snacks & drinks for you. Try our selection of soft drinks, wines and snacks at or take them with you.

8. Souvenirs

It's always good to take a nice souvenir of the amazing places that we have visited, and of course, take a little piece of the experience to our loved ones. Check our selections of souvenirs, take a small piece of Portugal with you!

9. Shower

Have you ever checked out of your hotel/hostel at 12 am and still had the whole day to wait for your flight, and used that time to check the last sights of the city in a rush before going to the airport? But you wanted to go fresh and clean to your flight and… ok, we have a solution for you! Refresh yourself at DROP.ME, take a nice bath with all the amenities, soft and clean towels, shampoo and soap. Ask for more info.

10. Tourisms Information / What’s Happening in Lisbon?

To make the most out of your vacation, check out our tourism information. There are tours, Fados, wine tasting and so many more experiences to enjoy in Lisbon. Ask our advice for the best solutions for you.  

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